The Saint Louis Psychoanalytic Society

Child Study Group

ChairKaren S. Miller, Ph.D.

Date and Time The Child Study Group meets on the first Wednesday evening of alternate months, at the homes of group members, and on certain Saturday mornings. 

History and Purpose:  The Child Study Group was first organized by Drs. James Anthony and Moisy Shopper at the inception of the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute's Child Analytic Training Program.   The group's purpose is to improve their clinical skills in the psychotherapy and psychoanalysis of children and adolescents through a  biweekly study of scientific literature. 

When the Society has invited a Child Analytic speaker to present at a scientific program, the Child Study Group invites the speaker for a special Saturday morning presentation.

The schedule of programs for the upcoming year is currently being planned.




   The Saint Louis Psychoanalytic Society sponsors several
   workshops and study groups that meet regularly to
   enhance their knowledge in particular clinical areas.  These
   groups often meet to discuss readings, or they invite
   speakers who are leaders in the field of psychoanalysis.

   Workshops and study groups are designed to foster the
   knowledge, professional skills and scientific discourse
   among Society members.  The content of workshops and
   study groups typically includes advances in theories and
   research that have to do with the clinical practice of
   psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.  Most study group
   activities are eligible for continuing education credit through
   our joint sponsorship with the American Psychological
   Association and the American Psychoanalytic Association.
Workshop for the Integration of Theory and Practice

Contact:  Jim Mikolajczak, M.D.

Date and Time: 
Meets weekly at the office of Dr. Stuart Ozar in St. Louis, Missouri.

History and Purpose: The Workshop for the Integration of Theory and Practice was founded by Dr. William Holt while he was a candidate at the Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Institute in 1960.  When he moved to St. Louis, Dr. Holt formed a new group with Dr. Hyman Fingert and Dr. Eugene Trunnell.  They were later joined by Dr. Moisy Shopper, Dr. Robert Meyers, and Dr. Charles Schober.   The composition of group members has evolved over the years.   

The group's purpose is to study the interplay between psychoanalytic theory and practice.  Currently, the workshop is not seeking new members.

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Lacan Study Group

ChairTodd Dean, M.D.

Date and Time:  The St. Louis Lacan Study Group meets the fourth Thursday of every month except November and December. (For up to date information please contact Todd Dean, 644-6884.) 

PurposeThe group meets for the purpose of studying the work of the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan.  Meetings last 1.5 hours.  Lacan's theoretical writings have been found to have a broad application for the humanities, human sciences and clinical communities.  This interest is reflected in the composition of the study group.

The Lacan Study Group is open to new members.  Continuing education credit is available for the programs.

PlaceSt. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute.

Overview:  In 2013-2014, the group will be studying Lacan's fifth seminar.